Microsoft Access

Red Kinetic can work with your business to convert your underperforming Microsoft Access database to a stable and secure mult-user enterprise database system.

Microsoft Access Database Development

Microsoft Access is a desktop database management system that incorporates a graphical user interface with easily editable data tables. Access is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is an easy way for businesses to start development a database system.

Red Kinetic has worked with Microsoft Acccess for a long time developing large databases for government, associations and defence. Many perth businesses still run Access databases. In recent years there has been a move away from desktop computer databases to enterprise quality database systems with web-based front-ends. These are more stable, accessible from multiple locations and do not require expensive per-user licensing. Red Kinetic can work with your company to convert your existing Microsoft Access database to a better performing and robust multiuser database.

Our Microsoft Access databsae services include:

  • Database design
  • SQL query writing
  • Report writing
  • form design
  • Converting Access databases to web applications
  • Fixing slow queries and performance issues.
  • Fixing Access corruption issues
  • Migrating Microsoft Access to MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Web forms front-ends for Access databases
  • Exporting data from Microsoft Access
  • Importing data into Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Access database support
  • Microsoft Access database administration

Red Kinetic works with businesses throughout Australia. Contact Dave on 0466 588 150 to discuss your Microsoft Access database or to organise an obligation free quote.