Craft CMS

Take control of your company's website. Integrate a Craft content management system so you can easily create web pages and add text, images, videos and downloads.

Craft CMS website integration

A content management system, or CMS, is a web-based database application that will allow you to edit text and images on your website and keep information up to date without having to contact a web developer to make the changes.

Craft CMS is a modern, quick, easy-to-use and secure content management system made by Pixel & Tonic. Red Kinetic believes Craft CMS is superior to other CMS on the market such as WordPress, Drupal and ExpressionEngine. Craft provides a better experience for both the content editor and developer and is well suited to both small and large websites.

Red Kinetic can work with you to build a new website using Craft CMS or integrate Craft into your existing website.

Key features are:

  • easy to use content editor
  • live preview
  • image editor
  • user management
  • localisation on content
  • custom fields
  • works well with large and small websites
  • e-commerce module
  • useful plugins
  • good separation of content and formatting
  • modern code base
  • secure
  • quick
  • mobile friendly
  • social media integration
  • Great for marketing, PR and design agency clients

Contact Dave on 0466 588 150 to organise a Craft CMS demonstration.

Relevant Skills

Craft CMS
The CMS that keeps everyone happy.

Plugin development
Craft CMS plugin development to add custom functionality to your website.

Web programming
Websites can be coded to be HMTL5 and CSS3 compliant, mobile and tablet responsive to work on a variety of web browser devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Content management
Assist in managing website content for your business.

Website hosting
Host your website in a local data centre or a cloud provider such as AWS or Azure.

Design to HTML / CSS
Convert Photoshop or Sketch designs to working HTML web pages. This service is useful for creative firms such as graphic designers, PR consultants and marketers who lack in-house web programming resources.

Migrate CMS data to Craft
Transfer your ExpressionEngine website to Craft CMS
Transfer your WordPress website to Craft CMS
Transfer your Sitefinity website to Craft CMS