Database development

We build database applications using enterprise quality database systems. We use MySQL and SQL Server with web-based front-ends.

Database Design & Development

Red Kinetic builds cost-effective databases that give people access to information via easy-to-use user interfaces. Red Kinetic can help your business implement content management, contact / CRM, equipment databases or compliance management systems. Each of these can be tailored to meet your exact business requirements.

A good database can help sales and operations staff perform their functions better and increase access to information within your organisation.

A lot of off-the-shelf software packages will not meet the needs of a business or are too hard for the business to customise. Red Kinetic can work with your company to build a custom database application that is tailored to your exact business requirements. If needed, these database applications can integrate with other database systems, provide detailed reporting and be accessible from multiple branch offices.

Red Kinetic databases are created using the latest web technologies and enterprise quality database management systems (DBMS). Your database can also be made accessible over the internet so that you can have access to it while you are away from the office.

Contact Dave on 0466 588 150 to arrange a database demonstration or to organise an obligation free quote.

Database Services

Database design
Red Kinetic designs databases based on database principals and experience learnt from many years building databases for all kinds of businesses.

Red Kinetic has expertise in MySQL database development, support and administration.

SQL Server
We have been building SQL Server database systems for over 15 years.

SQL queries
We write efficient database queries, stored procedures, triggers, indexes and functions to read and update your data.

Business requirements analysis and consulting
With complex software systems, user requirements need to be gathered and documented and then a functional specification is often written detailing how the database and software components will work. Red Kinetic provides a full systems analysis and design service for small and large businesses. Red Kinetic can review existing database systems, interview employees to obtain user requirements, write specification documents and present the plans to the core stakeholders.

Databases administration
Management of MySQL, SQL Server And Microsoft Accesss databases.

Data import, export and conversion services
Red Kinetic can migrate, transfer and convert data between various databases and data collection systems. This is often called ETL (extract, transform and load) and involves exporting data, cleaning it and importing it into a different system.

Database support
Red Kinetic supports enterprise database systems including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Support can be provided on per job basis or under an agreed maintenance contract.

Fix database issues
Red Kinetic can fix database issues for Perth businesses. Our services include improving database performance, writing queries, stored procedures and triggers and fixing Microsoft Access database corruption.

Web-based databases
Red Kinetic specialises in using web technologies to created web-based database applications. See web applications for more information.

Power BI
Use Microsoft Power BI business intelligence software to visually explore and analyse data.

Microsoft Excel integration
With strong Microsoft Excel skills, we can integrate Excel with MySQL and SQL Server to allow to better analyse your data.

Excel to database conversion
Large spreadsheets can lack validation, be subject to data loss and can't be edited by multiple users at once. Red Kinetic can convert your spreadsheet to a fully functioning database that removes the limitations of Excel.

Convert Microsoft Access to a web based application
Migrate your Microsoft Access database to a web application accessible from any location and on any device with an internet connection.

Microsoft Access to enterprise database conversion
Red Kinetic can work with your company to convert your underperforming Microsoft Access database to a stable and secure multi-user enterprise database system.

Access Database problems
Microsoft Access is a database management system that comes with Microsoft Office Professional. Access allows tables, data entry forms, filtered data views and reports to be easily designed and incorporated into a unified database for your business. An Access database can be used to store prospects, customers, employees, sales and production information.

Red Kinetic can provide Access database support and consulting to fix performance, usability, design or corruption problems.

We can also assist you with migrating your existing Access database to a MySQL or SQL Server back-end, provide a web-based forms front-end for your Access database, provide reporting solutions and assist with importing and export data.


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Examples of databases built by Red Kinetic

Asset management database
Compliance database
Stocktake management
Staff management database
Employee database
Sales database
Smart phone accessible database
Contact management database
Volunteer management database
Membership database
Risk management database
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Red Kinetic is proud to be a West Australian software developer that has served the local and national market for over 15 years.